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12-Day Of-Road Enduro Tour, Georgia

Off Road Enduro Motorcycle
Hard Adventure Tour

Enduro Motorcycle tour across 3 Georgian landscapes – vast plains of the savannah, mountains, subtropics


Join us on an unforgettable Enduro motorcycle trip and discover the diversity of Georgia between mountains and deserts, from snow-capped peaks to tropical palm trees. The nature in Georgia is unique and original in the world. There are more scenic contrasts in this small area than on an entire continent. At the end of our exciting enduro tour you will surely agree that Georgia is one of the most amazing countries on earth!

Georgia, is a small country with a total area of ​​only 67,000 square kilometers (Germany in comparison: 357,000 km²), you will find 5000 meter high peaks, glaciers, mountain meadows and at the same time a subtropical coast, semi-desert, fertile valleys, wetlands and of course huge untouched forests. Join us on this multifaceted tour!

Sights of the motorcycle tour:

Tbilisi Old Town, Davit Gareja rock monastery, Byzantine rock monastery, Kakheti wine region, 12th-century defensive towers in Omalo, Greater Caucasus.


Combined enduro tour: motorbike, people, nature, culture.
Historic towns and ancient cities.
Ultimate off-road fun with a powerful motorbike.
Journey through Kakheti, the oldest wine region on earth.
Insight into a millennia-old culture.
Wide plains, deep gorges and Caucasus mountain range in eastern Georgia.
Warm hospitality, local specialties and exquisite wine tasting.


Arrival day - Tuesday, 4th July 2024
We'll collect you up from the airport and transport you to your accommodation in Tbilisi in the heart of the old City, at the 
Old Meidan Hotel in Tbilisi


Total route Distance:


Daily stages:


Maximum ride height:

3400 meters above sea level.

Off-road and asphalt ratio:

For the entire route (%): 70/30

Program overview :

Day 1: Arrival at Tbilisi Airport (Tbilisi).

Day 2: Tbilisi – Omalo 180 km

Day 3: Omalo round trip 60 km

Day 4: Omalo - Sighnaghi 140 km

Day 5: Sighnaghi – Rustavi 140 km

Day 6: Rustavi - Mtskheta - Tbilisi 125 km

Day 7: The old and modern city of Tbilisi/Tbilisi

Day 8: Tbilisi - Tabatskuri - Bakuriani 180 km

Day 9: Bakuriani – Goderdzi Pass 140 km

Day 10: Goderdzi Pass – Batumi 160 km

Day 11: Batumi

Day 12: Return flight

Optional - arrive 4 days earlier and add on the 4-day Georgian Cuisine & Wine Tour (air-conditioned Sprinter bus)

Motorcycle Tour Dates: 5 to 16 July 2024
Guided Tour - (Starting in Tbilisi, ending in Tbilisi)

Suited for solo riders only, Experience level 2 = intermediate/Expert

INCLUSIVE of Accommodation, Breakfast, Lunch

EUR €4165 (Single Rider, Single Room) 
EUR 3840 (Single Rider, Sharing rooms)
Damage Deposit = €500




Visa and Master Card Only

Rental bikes for this tour:


KTM EXC 450 / 350

EUR €3840


EUR 3840

Included in the Tour: 5 to 16 July 2024

11 days stay in 6 different regions of Georgia

11 nights in a double room in typical hotels

2 nights in a double room in the inn of Omalo

8 days of driving through four landscapes: savannah-like plains, Trialetti mountain range, Greater Caucasus and subtropics.

Breakfast and lunch

Airport pickup service

/ 350

Tour Guide English / German

Mechanic service

Replacement motorcycle

Support vehicle for luggage

Fuel for the escort vehicle

Gasoline for your motorcycle

Gasoline for the guide's motorcycle

Drinking water for on the way

Snacks for on the go

Training to improve driving technique

Transport service to the doctor if required is covered by customer insurance


  • Single supplement 325 euros

  • Accompanying person 2700 euros

  • Round trip flight to Tbilisi

  • Evening dinners

  • All drinks during free time

  • Travel cancellation costs and repatriation insurance

  • Early check in before 12pm

  • Deductible for damage to the motorcycle 500 € is paid as a deposit to the tour operator in the bar

         Add-on: 4-Day Georgian Cuisine & Wine Tour - €500 per person

  • Day 1. Arrival at Tbilisi Airport (Tbilisi)
    Arrival, welcome and transfer to the hotel. 08:00-10:00 Breakfast After the entire group has arrived, detailed instructions will follow. You will receive all the necessary instructions for using the motorcycle as well as all information about the itinerary. 14:00 Briefing, how to use the bike and a test ride After the introductory event, a test drive and motorcycle handover will take place. A mechanic is available to all participants from the start to set the control levers, adjust the bikes and clear up any technical Issues.
  • Day 2. Tbilisi – Omalo - Difficulty level of the route 1-2 | Total 180 km | Off-road asphalt ratio: (%) 80/20
    Our guided Enduro motorcycle tour starts in the direction of Omalo along the green meadows of the Caucasus and past the crystal-clear Lake Sioni in the Alasani Valley. Wine has been grown in this fertile region in Georgia for thousands of years and exported worldwide. Then we drive on the highest and narrowest gravel road in Georgia, which meanders through beautiful, untouched mountain landscapes of the Caucasus, to the Abano Pass at an impressive 2926 meters above sea level. The route is very winding with numerous ascents and descents and refreshing water crossings. At the end of this adventurous Enduro route through the so-called Tusheti roller coaster, we reach the highlight of the day, the traditional village of Omalo. It is famous for its distinctive and well-preserved 12th-century defense towers,
  • Day 3. Omalo round trip at the end of the world - to Parsma | Difficulty level of the route: 1-2 | Total 60 km | 100% Off-Road
    Enduro tour through the heart of the Caucasus: You ride your motorbike up to 3200 meters to enjoy the heavenly silence of the majestic Caucasus. We visit the most remote villages in the area, which give us a glimpse into the past and allow us to leave the hustle and bustle of life behind for a moment. Experience the genuine hospitality of the locals who live in the simplest of circumstances, yet exude a contentment and serenity that is hard to find in our modern, fast-paced world.
  • Day 4. Omalo - Sighnaghi | Difficulty level of the route: 1-2 | Total 140 km | 100% Off-Road
    nduro Tour to Sighnaghi: Discover the oldest wine region in the world on your Enduro motorcycle. The picturesque town of Sighnaghi, reminiscent of idyllic Tuscan villages, is secluded on a hill above the Alasani Valley with mesmerizing views of the Caucasus mountain range. End the day at sunset with a glass of wine on the balcony of your hotel in Sighnaghi and all the hardships of the day are forgotten!
  • Day 5. Sighnaghi - Rustavi | Difficulty level of the route: 1-2 | Total 140km | 90% off-Road
    Enduro tour to Rustavi: Today you can expect an unforgettable, 140 km long ride through the steppe, which with its barren desert character is reminiscent of a bizarre lunar landscape. The route leads to a forgotten rock monastery, a remote relic from the past with beautiful Byzantine-era murals. The monastery is considered an absolute insider tip and is only approached by a few local off-road tours and not by mass tourism. In the afternoon we visit the famous monastery of Davit Gareja, from the 6th century, which is associated with the origin of Christianity in Georgia and has a particularly high religious and spiritual importance.
  • Day 6. Rustavi - Mtskheta - Tbilisi | Difficulty level of the route: 1-2 | Total 125km | 95% Off-Road
    Enduro tour to Mtskheta: Today, about 125 km of off-road terrain over the Trialeti mountain range are on the program. The route consists of steep, rocky ascents and descents, river crossings and single treks through the forest. As a reward for the hardships, a hearty lunch is served at the end of the day in the ancient city of Mtskheta. In the late afternoon we visit a world-famous UNESCO cultural heritage site, the medieval Sveticxoveli Cathedral.
  • Day 7. The old and modern city of Tbilisi | Rest Day in the City of Tbilisi
    A walk through history: Rest Day in Tbilisi After the rule of the Byzantines followed the Persian Kingdom, the Arab Caliphate, the Khoresm Kingdom and then the Ottoman Empire. The small country in the Caucasus was also shaped by the invasion of the Mongols and Tamerlanes, the birth of Christianity and last but not least by the communist era of the Russian rulers. Each of these epochs has left its legacy in Tbilisi, which is visible in the oriental palaces, the ornate orthodox churches, the madrasas (Koranic schools) and the famous sulfur baths. Since its founding in 458, the history of today's Tbilisi, formerly Tiflis, has been one of constant change and turbulent historical events such as wars, economic uprisings, and destruction and revival. For full relaxation on the free day of the tour, we recommend a sulfur bath followed by a professional massage just 5 minutes walk from the hotel. In the evening you can round off the trip with a leisurely visit to one of the many top restaurants in the city.
  • Day 8. Tbilisi - Tabatskuri - Bakuriani | Difficulty level of the route: 1-2 | Total 180km | 70% Off-Road
    Today we continue on our enduro motorcycle tour to Bakuriani. We drive on rocky routes through original forest landscapes, past ancient watchtowers to the Tskhratskaro Pass at 2454 meters. Afterwards we reach the volcanic plateau on which the deep blue Tabatskuri Lake is located. The impressive panorama of the great Caucasus opens up to us from the Trialeti Mountains and in good weather conditions we can take a look at Mount Kazbek (5054m), the ice peak of Georgia.
  • Day 9. Bakuriani – Goderdzi Pass | Difficulty level of the route: 1-2 | Total 140km | 70% Off-Road
    Today our enduro adventure takes us to the mountainous region of Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti and we have the opportunity to explore this beautiful area inland. We drive along the mighty Kura River, past untouched meadows and forest landscapes, traditional villages and historic mountain monasteries. Our goal for the day is the Goderdzi Pass at an altitude of 2304 m.
  • Day 10. Goderdzi Pass – Batumi | Difficulty level of the route: 1-2 | Total 160km | 70% Off-Road
    Today the motorcycle journey continues through the beautiful landscapes of Adjara and we reach the subtropical climate zone of the Black Sea coast where the city of Batumi is located. The route is varied as we drive through mountain streams, forest passes and villages with simple wooden buildings typical of this region. The unrivaled, nationally renowned hospitality of the local shepherds is sure to stay with you for a long time, as will this full day of sightseeing and excitement.
  • Day 11. Batumi | Rest Day in Batumi
    The last highlight of our motorcycle tour through Georgia is a visit to the city of Batumi. The modern city center with its multinational architecture contrasts with ancient monuments such as the Roman fortress of Gonio Apsaros, 15km south of Batumi and a few kilometers from the Turkish border. Finally, savor a cup of strong Batumi brew coffee, sample delicious Ajarian cuisine, and cool off with a swim in the Black Sea for a relaxing end to this trip.
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