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Georgia | Sakartvelo


Welcome to Motorcycle Tours in Georgia, Eastern Europe


The Eastern European country of Georgia (Sakartvelo, საქართველო) is situated between Russia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey on the Black Sea. The country has a rich history dating back to the 8th century.
As a motorcycle travel destination its a paradise in the summer months from June to September. the driest month is August.
Whether you join a guided fully inclusive tour, or whether you rent one of our motorcycles, Georgia awaits........

Georgian Cuisine, Tbilisi

Georgia is well-known for its outstanding and delectable cuisine. Georgian food is arguably one of the world’s most unsung cuisines, showcasing flavours from Greece and the Mediterranean, and influences from Turkey and Persia. Georgian food is quite appropriately an expression of the country's generous  hospitality and culture. Warm, gooey comfort food like khachapuri (cheese-filled bread) finds balance with matsoni (yogurt). Herbs such as tarragon, flat parsley, dill and coriander combine with walnuts and garlic for interesting fillings and sauces.  The variety is endless, delicious and a joy to explore!

Kakheti, the Cradle of Wine

Georgia has an 8000-year history of winemaking culture. The oldest wine vessels and grape seeds were discovered over 8000 years ago, proving to be conclusive evidence of wine production in the Kakheti region.  This is why Georgia is referred to as the Cradle of Wine. Georgian traditional wine making way in underground Qvevri has had UNESCO cultural heritage status since 2013.

Qvevri wine-making is practised throughout Georgia, particularly in village communities where unique varieties of grapes are grown. The Qvevri is an egg-shaped earthenware vessel used for making, ageing and storing the wine. Knowledge and experience of Qvevri manufacture and wine-making are passed down by families, neighbours, friends and relatives, all of whom join in communal harvesting and wine-making activities.

In Georgia there are 500 different grape varietals, from which the best quality wines are produced.

Some examples of Georgian wine are:

Saperavi, Rkatsiteli, Kindzmarauli, Titska-Tsolikauri, Khvanchkara, Tvishi, Usakhelauri, Ojaleshi and others.

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